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Anti – Ragging Committee

To regulate and monitor the student’s movement in a more disciplined way an Anti Ragging Committee is formed. The committee tries to eliminate ragging in all its forms from the college. The issues relating to ragging should be addressed to the Committee. The Committee will immediately initiate the process of redressal and recommends for the suitable form of punishments to those who indulge in ragging in any form in the campus. Committee members address the students regularly on the Anti -ragging and the related social issues.

Staff Coordinator : Dr.M.Abdulla, Dr.M.Vijay Amirtharaj, Mr.S.Jawahar, Dr.B.Ponnarasi, Ms.V. Karpagavalli, Ms.M.Prabhavathi, Mr.K.G.Sugesh


The college facilitates the students to avail various government scholarships like SC/ST, minority scholarships etc. The college provides sports scholarships with tuition Fees for the successful athletes and various game players.
Students belonging to notified religious Minority communities (Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Zoroastrian (Parsis & Jain) can avail Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities and CENTRAL SECTOR SCHEME OF SCHOLARSHIPS FOR COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY STUDENTS through the common National Scholarship Portal (NSP) of the Government of India, under www.scholarships.gov.in

  • Our students will be guided and assisted in applying for the above mentioned Scholarship.
  • Annual income of whose parents/Guardian from all sources does not exceed Rs.2.00 Lakhs.
  • The students who have secured not less than 50% marks in the previous final examination.

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Viscom
Institute Nodal Officer, NSP Scholarships
Mobile: 9884148585
Email: prakashs@avichicollege.edu.in

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics
Nodal Officer, SC/ST/SCC Scholarships
Mobile: 9047549536
Email: drtsakthivel@avichicollege.edu.in

Grievance Redressal Committee

  • The College adopts many measures to redress any grievance from the students.
  • The Students related issues can be directly addressed to the Principal who is the final authority for formulating suitable solutions by adopting the set procedures.
  • The issue relating to any sort of ragging can be referred to the Anti Ragging Committee which in turn will immediately step into the remedial process
  • The periodical Meeting of the Class representatives convened by the Principal is another mode through which the Student issues are addressed and resolved.
  • The Class In Charge Faculty Members are the Student’s counselors. Hence students can also approach them with any issues for the suitable remedy.
  • The periodical Parents-Teachers Meeting is another mode wherein the students and parents can get a suitable remedy for their issues.

Staff Coordinator : Dr.M.Abdulla, Ms.B.Gajalakshmi, Ms R.Sapna, Ms.C.Christy Josephine

Student Counseling Cell

The welfare of the students is looked after by principal with the willing co –operation of the staff. Besides there is a student’s counseling system in the college which aims at

  • Bringing about intimate contact between the teacher and the taught;
  • Detecting and developing the latent talents in the students; and
  • Making the student an accomplished, enlightened and useful citizen.
  • The students are assessed monthly through the Internal Assessment conducted every month which helps teachers identify the slow learners and provide them remedial classes on a regular basis for their improvement in the concerned subject.
  • The principal desires the co-operation of all parents and guardians in the progress their education and conduct of the sons/daughters /wards.

Staff Coordinator : Ms.Prasanna Alagarsamy, Dr.B.Ponnarasi

Placement Cell

The Training & Placement Cell is created to instill the basic employability skills such as Soft Skill Training, Communication, Interview Techniques, Presentation, and Orientation about the the Companies. The students are provided with the required skills so that they can fit into their career path. Arrangements are being done to facilitate the visiting Companies for the placement process.

Staff Coordinator : Prof.S.Selvi, Ms.Prasanna Alagarsamy

Naan Mudhalvan

The Naan Mudhalvan platform is designed to offer dynamic information tailored for college students, providing insights into courses and industry-specific skill offerings. Its primary goal is to empower students in Tamil Nadu by facilitating training opportunities aligned with their chosen fields, ultimately supporting them in achieving their career aspirations.

The scheme aims to pinpoint potential training providers capable of addressing existing industry gaps through diverse skill training programs. By implementing this flagship initiative, students will receive training to enhance their skill sets, increasing their chances of securing jobs that match their abilities. Additionally, the program will extend support through career and academic guidance for students within state educational institutions.

Staff Coordinator : Dr. B. Rajalakshmi

Child Rights Club

Our college’s Child Rights Club advocates for children’s rights, fostering a safe environment for growth. Through initiatives and campaigns, the club empowers students to contribute to child rights promotion. It offers opportunities for participation in workshops and outreach programs, aiming to educate members about the significance of child rights. Joining the club provides a chance to engage in activities, contributing to a network that strives to make a positive impact on children’s lives within our community and beyond.

Staff Coordinator : Ms. Ramya

Green Club

The Green Club at our college champions sustainability, aiming to cultivate a green ethos on campus. Comprised of dedicated students and faculty, the club spearheads tree planting initiatives, waste reduction campaigns, and educational workshops to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Anti Discrimination Cell

About Anti-Discrimination Cell

The UGC Regulation on “Promotion of Equity in Higher Educational Institutions Regulations 2012” states that “no higher educational institutional shall discriminate a student belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes categories, or allow or condone any constituent of the higher educational institutions to discriminate such a student or group of such students”.

The Officials / faculty members should desist from any act of discrimination against SC/ST students on grounds of their social origin. The college should also ensure that no official / faculty members indulge in any kind of discrimination against any community or category of students.

A committee has been constituted to have a close watch on non-occurrence of such incidents. The individuals/victim can register their complaints in the Complaints Register, in the Principal Office.

Anti Discrimination Cell (ADC)

Avichi College of Arts and Science provide the students with equal opportunity irrespective of caste, religion, language or based on gender. The college ensures that every individual inside the campus exercise equal rights and acquire knowledge in the process of offering or receiving quality education. Equality, Peace and Harmony are the roots of the campus life at Avichi College of Arts and Science. Any act, speech or intentions against any individual that disrupt the harmony among the people is regarded serious and dealt immediately to restore the peace. Any such issues if found shall be brought into the notice by email at adcell@avichicollege.edu.in.

Objectives of the Anti-Discrimination Cell!

  • The Cell will look into matters of depriving a student or group of students on a particular caste, creed, religion, language, ethnicity, gender, disability or any type and matters of imposing conditions on any student which is incompatible with the dignity of human beings.
  • The Cell is constituted to safeguard the interest of students without any prejudice to their caste, creed, religion, language, ethnicity, gender, disability and to eliminate discrimination or harassment against any student at Avichi College of Arts and Science by providing preventive measures to facilitate punishment for those who indulge in any form of discrimination to promote equality among the students.
  • The Committee will receive complaints from the affected students in terms of discrimination of caste, creed, religion, language, ethnicity, gender, disability and conduct a proper enquiry, and submit a detailed report to the undersigned for suitable action.

Anti-Discrimination Complaint Form

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    Constitution of the Anti-Discrimination Cell

    Avichi College of Arts and Science has constituted the Anti-Discrimination Cell in compliance to the UGC regulations (Promotion of Equity in Higher Educational Institutions), with the following members:

    Sl.No Name Designation Dept. Appointed as
    Convener and Anti-Discrimination Officer
    Assistant Professor
    Dr.R.N.Kalpana Devi
    Assistant Professor
    Assistant Professor
    Visual Communication
    Prof.Sudharson R G
    Assistant Professor


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