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General Rules

Embark on your college journey with these guiding principles: Prioritize academic diligence, respect diverse perspectives, adhere to ethical conduct, foster a supportive community, and engage in constructive dialogue. These rules create a foundation for success and shared growth.

General Rules

College Rules & Regulations

Attendance Rules

Dress Code

Boys  should  wear formals with shirts neatly tucked in.and wear Black Shoe.

Girls should wear chudidhars with duppatta of a convenient length pinned on both sides.

Identity Cards

The students are allowed inside the campus with their ID cards. The identity card should be brought to the college daily. Id cards are specially designed with high tech censored inbuilt chip that monitors the student’s arrivals in the morning and exit in the afternoon. Simultaneously the SMS messages are flashed to the parent’s registered mobile number about the time of entry and the time of exit by their ward.

Exam Registration

Registration is mandatory for eachsemester examinations as well as arrears examinations failing which the candidates will not be permitted to move to the subsequent semester.

Requirements for completion of a semester

All students are expected to attend all classes and secure 100% attendance. However for certain unavoidable reasons such as Medical/Participation in sports/personal, the student is expected to secure  at least 75% of attendance per semester.

Candidates who fail to obtain the above attendance percentage are strictly not permitted to write the university examinations, and are not allowed to continue their academic year.

Public Travel Concession

Students should apply for their respective season ticket MTC Bus Pass /concession ticket in the prescribed format available in the college office, at the commencement of the Academic year.

Subsequently they need to renew their Buss Pass /Railway concession Ticket periodically.

Students not adhering to the stipulated rules and regulations of bus/railway authorities of those traveling without tickets or misusing their season ticket or cause annoyance to the bus or Railway authorities will be severely dealt with in receipt of information either in person or by post. The punishment may even be expulsion from the College.

A word to parents

Parents are reminded that they are not absolved of their responsibilities once their son / daughter joins the college. The college expects parents / guardians to cooperate with the college authorities in bringing up their wards with the proper pursuit of academic excellence.

They should take interest in their ward’s progress and monitor both in and outside the campus. We request the parents to ensure their wards attendance to the classes regularly for the betterment of their progress in their curricular, co-curricular and Extracurricular activities.

Procedure for Awarding Internal Marks (As Per Madras University)

For all theory and practical courses the continuous assessment will be conducted for a maximum of 25 marks

Category Marks
For class test (Two best out of three)
10 Marks
For Assignment(Minimum Two)
5 Marks
For Seminar(Subject)
5 Marks
For Attendance(90% and above)
5 Marks
25 Marks

Marks based on attendance performances

Following is the basis for award of Marks based on attendance performances of the students
Category Marks
Attendance Above 91%
5 Marks
Attendance 76-90%
4 Marks
Attendance 61-75%
3 Marks
For Attendance(90% and above)
5 Marks
Attendance Below 60%
0 Marks


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