Library Rules & Regulations

The purpose of rules and regulations has been formulated to promote fair access, efficient usage of the library services and resources. Any individual using library services is assumed to have undertaken to observe and is bound by the library rules and regulations as stipulated below. The library provides various services for various sections of students. It functions from 8.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. The library contributes sophisticated services to our students and staff. It has a collection of books and journals. It comprises of 1200 books, and 7 journals. Online journals are also available in the library.

  • Membership cards are provided to all students, faculty members and administrative staff members.
  • 3 Library cards are issued to Students and staff members respectively.
  • An amount of Rs. 100 will be levied in case of loss of cards.
  • Only one book is issued for a card.
  • A book can be borrowed for 15 days duration only.
  • Reservation of books is made in advance if copies available are insufficient.
  • Students can reserve for a specific book if copies are taken by other students.
  • Library books returned cannot be renewed immediately. If the borrowers wish to extend the date of return of a book it may be extended for another 15 days provided that no one else has reserved the book.
  • If damages caused or the book is lost the member should either replace the book with fine or pay double the cost of the book, at the discretion of authorities.
  • If pages are found missing or torn the borrower would be responsible for such defects.
  • Journals and hand books can be photo copied in the library.
  • Internet facility could be availed in the library on selection basis.

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