Library Overview

The library is the most important part of any institution. It helps a good deal in spreading knowledge and education. It also enables the students to prepare themselves for taking part in various co-curricular activities of the College.

The students get information which is very helpful to them in taking part in debates, giving lectures, writing papers for conferences and writing articles for the magazines. It inculcates the habit of reading and enlightens the minds. The students derive pleasure and information from recreational and Informative books.

No. of Books
No. of Journals
No. of Magazines
No. of Newspapers


College Library is a vital, physical and virtual medium of learning
and research at AVICHI. It
envisions to


College Library is committed to provide quality collections, outstanding services and an excellent medium to students, staff and the community


To provide library
materials and databases
that supports the academic

  • Support the academic needs of our diverse campus.
  • Offer a rich collection of knowledge resources.
  • Provide user friendly service.
  • Help in utilizing leading technology for information access and fostering lifelong learners.
  • To manage and provide seamless access to both print and online scholarly information offers reference services, research consultations, and information literacy instruction.
  • To provide the state of the art facility and equipment.
  • Advocates to maintain a pleasant physical space for learning and scholarly activities.
  • To provide guidance and aid to the people in their use of the library resources.
  • To provide significant books and other printed or recorded materials.
  • To utilize library for professional enhancement.
  • To improve reading and writing skills.
S. No Particulars No of Items
1 Total No. of Books 2000
2 Total No. of Journals 5
3 Total No. of Magazines 10
4 Total No. of Newspapers 10

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