Grievance Redressal Committee

  • The College adopts many measures to redress any grievance from the students.
  • The Students related issues can be directly addressed to the Principal who is the final authority for formulating suitable solutions by adopting the set procedures.
  • The issue relating to any sort of ragging can be referred to the Anti Ragging Committee which in turn will immediately step into the remedial process
  • The periodical Meeting of the Class representatives convened by the Principal is another mode through which the Student issues are addressed and resolved.
  • The Class In Charge Faculty Members are the Student’s counselors. Hence students can also approach them with any issues for the suitable remedy.
  • The periodical Parents-Teachers Meeting is another mode wherein the students and parents can get a suitable remedy for their issues.

Staff Coordinator : Dr.M.Abdulla, Ms.B.Gajalakshmi, Ms R.Sapna, Ms.C.Christy Josephine

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